Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veteran's Day Restaurant Round-Up

Taking time to remember, honor, and thank our veterans and current servicemen & servicewomen is an important tradition in this current and, I believe, part of our civil duty as citizens of the this great country.  This year Lukey & I made a thank you card to send to a veteran in a local nursing home and we discussed what a veteran is and why we should say "thank you" for all they do.  I also take time to support local Freedom Flights & Honor Flights sending WWII vets to memorial in Washington DC.  It is such a worthwhile cause.  If you would like to keep your support local, search "freedom flight" for your a organization and donate there.

This home will be waving their flag proudly Monday morning.  I can wave that flag without fear of prosecution or repercussions because of the brave who have and are serving our country both at home and abroad.

Here are some restaurants that would also like to say "thank you" to our veterans:

Carraba's - Free Appetizer for Veterans
Applebee's - Free Entree for Veterans
Denny's - Free All-You-Can-Eat-Pancakes for Veterans
Starbuck's - Free Tall Brew for Veteran's, Active Military & their Spouses
IKEA - Free Entree for Veterans
Little Caesar's - Free Crazy Bread for Veterans
Chili's - Free Meal for Veterans & Active-Duty Military
Champps Americana - Free Burger & Fries for Veterans & Active-Duty Military

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